Looking for Bounty Hunters!

How the “Bounty” Works…

APA Atlanta will post its “Most Want Player” at random monthly… Our bounty will be posted on the APA Atlanta Facebook group/page until the player has been brought to justice or escapes!

The players with a “bounty” on their head, aka the Villain... we put a bounty on their pool matches. Their name will be highlighted on their scoresheet and their opponent’s scoresheet. In addition, there will be a coupon for a free night of play attached to the scoresheet of the identified “bounty” player. If the “bounty” player plays their match that night and wins (aka "escapes"), they get to use the free night of play REWARD. If the opponent wins (aka bounty hunter captures the bounty player), the bounty hunter/opponent gets to use the free night of play REWARD. The REWARD must be turned in with the scoresheet on that night of play.

 If the identified “bounty” player is not present that night or does not play a match that night, there is NO bounty and the REWARD is invalid. In addition, when choosing the match up for the "bounty" match, there should be no more than 2 skill level differences (above or below) between the players playing the bounty match. 

Example:  If the Villain is a skill level 3, the Bounty Hunter can only put up a skill level 2, 3, 4 or 5; they cannot put up a skill level 6 or 7.  If the skill level difference is more than 2 between the Villain and Bounty Hunter, the REWARD becomes invalid.

We will send 1-3 bounty hunters a month to bring our villain to justice… Once our “Most Want Player” is caught (lost) the bounty is over for the month… But if our villain wins 3 Bounty Matches in a row (ESCAPES), they’ll win $50!!!