Past Due Procedures

First Week Past Due: Scoresheet will be stamped Past Due – Captain / Co-Captain will be called.

Second Week Past Due: Scoresheet will be stamped Final Notice – Entire Team will be called.

Third Week Past Due: Team Name will be changed to TEAM DROPPED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT and all players will be marked ineligible.

Any team that falls two weeks behind in paying their team fees will receive a FINAL NOTICE on their next scoresheet.

• If the fees are not brought current by the third week, the team will be dropped from the league for non-payment.

• All players on the team will become equally responsible for their share of the fees that are due, including those for the remainder of the session, and will not be able to rejoin the League until they have paid their portion.

• The League Office will not be responsible for fees or monies paid to a Team Captain or other team member not ultimately paid to the League. Teams having rosters with players who owe money to the League will not be able to participate in any matches until such monies are paid.

• Teams that are habitually late may be required to replace their Team Captain with another, more responsible player.

• A standard drop fee of $26.00 per person per team penalty in addition to the pro-rated past due amount may be assessed for quitting mid-session when a player tries to rejoin the League.

Teams in Default

Any team that does not show up for its match for two consecutive weeks will be deemed to be in default and will be dropped from the division. Additionally, any team that has not paid their League fees for two consecutive weeks can be dropped from the Division.  Teams who have failed to pay their League fees for two consecutive weeks will be notified of the past due status.  If their account is not made current in a timely manner, the team will be deemed in default and may be dropped from the division.  Teams that are in default are still responsible for paying their team fees for the remainder of the session. Each member of the defaulting team will be responsible for paying his or her share of the team fees owed.  The defaulting team’s players will be suspended from the League until their portion of the fees is paid. The Local League Office has the right to assign different portions of the outstanding fees to individual players as it deems appropriate. If your team has a player that is past due on your roster, you will receive no points for that person’s match (even if they win) and no bonus points for any week they play while their fees are past due.

Sportsmanship and Conduct

It is expected for all teams to treat each other with mutual respect during a match. Sportsmanship is a big part of playing in the APA. This is not a money league, and any sharking, hustling or anything of that nature will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun and a good time. Please don’t spoil it for others!

Comments on Scoresheets

All concerns should be written on the scoresheet in a courteous and professional manner. This will guarantee that your concern is considered, documented and addressed. Abusive language directed at the league, or the League Operator will not be tolerated on the scoresheets. Abusive comments or complaints are considered unsportsmanlike and will be treated appropriately. Sportsmanship complaints, handicap complaints, and official protests must be submitted in writing, the night of play or within twenty-four (24) hours of play. Complaints should be submitted on the appropriate form by email or on your scoresheet. No fee shall be required to issue a complaint or to file an official protest. Sportsmanship complaints or comments should be taken up between both CAPTAINS, not team members, to resolve. If it cannot be resolved, then it should be resolved with Division Rep listed at the top of our scoresheet and on our website. Otherwise, your Division Rep will contact the League Office by email or write in a written complaint. All issues should be resolved immediately while all parties are present. Making comments, complaints, taunting, particularly about someone’s skill level, is not appropriate to discuss on league night and is considered poor sportsmanship to accuse a team of sandbagging or question their integrity. If your captain has tried to address these types of handicap complaints to the other captain or division rep, please make sure to write down any complaints in writing by email or you can download the forms on our website under “Printable Docs”. The league office will address these complaints. For Handicap Complaints or Evaluations, please provide the Members name, their member number, what their current skill level is, what you believe it should be and what your reasoning is that gives your League Operator reason to look deeper than their scores or stats. This information should be something beyond any computer stats since we already have that information. We would want some type of observation analysis based on more than just their scores since the system already considers their scores.

Physical Contact (Altercations): Physical contact is the hostile physical contact between two players. IMMEDIATE ACTION - If hostile physical contact occurs, THE MATCH IS OVER! Team Captains and League Management will take the appropriate actions to rectify the matter. See the official Team Manual for full disclosure of immediate actions.

Scenarios and Actions:

A.          To any person who starts a fight or brawl- 1 year suspension to permanent                termination of League and APA membership

B.           To a person who gets into a fight or a brawl defending himself- a minimum one-                  month suspension if first offense, and much longer if otherwise.

C.           To someone who consistently uses foul or intimidating language- three-month                suspension, and longer for a second offense.

D.          To someone who uses lesser degrees of verbal abuse- probation, and suspension                as deemed appropriate.


Participating in the APA is supposed to be fun. Cheering for your team members is recommended and encouraged. However, heckling, jeering, interrupting, distracting, cussing, or screaming at your opponent (to deliberately cause a disruption), opposing team members, Division Reps, the League Operator or any APA official is a show of poor sportsmanship and will NOT be tolerated. Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship will be subject to a sportsmanship violation, which may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the League.

Sportsmanship Violations

If you have a situation of poor sportsmanship, you must notify your Division Rep and turn in a written statement to the League Office within 24 hours of the incident. Please be fair in your assessment of the situation, include the details, actions and names of all parties involved. If possible, get written statements from any witnesses to the incident. It is preferable that the statement be placed in the team envelope and turned in the night of the incident. The League Operator and/or the Board of Governors will review the situation and advise you as to the final decision.

Banned Players

If a Host Location has banned a player from entering their establishment, the team must play without them when playing at that location. The League does not have the right to require a Host Location to permit access to a banned person for a League match.

Suspended Players

Atlanta APA will honor all suspensions for all APA areas. Any individual or team suspended from League play will immediately lose certain other membership privileges, including eligibility for APA tournaments, until and unless the suspension is lifted. If they qualified for any tournament, locally or nationally, qualification is forfeited. Once a player is suspended, that player will not have the privilege to coach their team, keep score or put-up players, until their suspension has been lifted. Breaking this rule may result in a much lengthier suspension and would cost their team the entire match if the suspension rules were broken.

ETIQUETTE / Refusal to Do Business

At any time, at the sole discretion of the League Operator, Atlanta APA can refuse to do business with any individual regardless of whether the individual’s APA membership is in good standing. Most often, players who are unwelcome in the League will be those who are disruptive to the League, repeatedly complain about handicaps or who otherwise deride the League in public.

Any member not representing the best interest of the Atlanta APA will be notified and may be disciplined if deemed necessary by the Board. This is a fun league and a few members will not be allowed to spoil League play for everyone else.

Please do not drink at the pool table. Please respect each location’s equipment so management can maintain their tables at an acceptable level. Be friendly towards curious onlookers and explain to them how the League works. These people may want to join a team or put their own team together in the future. Help new teams get off to a good start by helping them learn to keep score, rotate players in and out, understand safeties, good hits, bad hits, fouls, etc.

Please refrain from trying to disrupt the player at the table. Shooting Team players should go to the table immediately when it is their turn, otherwise, the opponent may think the shooter is being coached. SITTING TEAM PLAYERS SHOULD BE AT LEAST 6 FEET AWAY FROM THE TABLE (SPACE PERMITTING) DURING THE OPPONENT’S TURN. Disrupting your opponent includes but is not limited to standing in the player’s view during a shot, walking up to the table while your opponent is shooting to pick up the chalk or remove your pocket marker, or any other behavior that could distract your opponent or be considered "sharking." Everyone deserves the same respect.



$35 per returned item, If you have a check returned for any reason, we may not accept checks from you in the future. We accept credit and debit cards to clear up past due amounts, including NSF fees, over the phone. There is a 4% convenience fee to use a card to pay league fees.

League Operators / Owners of non-APA leagues are not eligible to compete in APA Atlanta division play, playoffs, or any special events or promotion. APA League Operator can review and grant exceptions to this policy under rare circumstances.
APA Atlanta Division Reps should represent APA only. While we encourage players to play as much as possible, our Reps should exclusively promote APA leagues to both members and non-members. 
Regarding membership dues. Memberships are due the first night the player plays. There is no ‘grace period’. Memberships can be paid with your weekly sheets, by credit card over the phone, sending memberships to our office directly, or online after claiming your account at

IMPORTANT TIP:  If your player does not have their money that night and they have to play consider paying the players membership for them and collect the funds from your teammate at a later time. This will prevent a possible loss of points and matches played... 

Once a team gains eligibility to any Higher Level Tournament, the team must remain active continually through all sessions and higher level tournament play - regardless of session. If a team qualifies during the Summer session, this team must remain active in the Fall and Spring sessions to retain eligibility for the City Championship Cup. All teams qualified for the City Cup must remain active during the Summer session. If a team gains eligibility to the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, this team must also remain active during our Summer session and/or the session the WPC is held.
Male players will compete in wildcard and division championship play at a minimum skill level three in 8 ball and a skill level 2 in 9 ball. This reflects the same procedure APA follows at the WPC in Las Vegas.

Forfeit Points:


○ 8Ball – 2 points per match (3 points in playoffs & tournaments)

○ 9Ball – 15 points per match (20 points in playoffs & tournaments)

○ Ladies – 2 points per match (3 points in playoffs & tournaments)

○ Masters – 5 points per match (7 points in playoffs & tournaments)

○ Doubles – 4 points per match in 8ball/30 points per match in 9Ball

Scoresheets and weekly fees must be in our office by 12:00 noon on the day we process your order to receive bonus points. Once this noon deadline has passed, teams may not receive bonus points or could be held past due. Please get in the habit of turning in your sheets and fees in a timely manner.