There are no limits on the number of patches you can earn in a session for SL 5 and under. SL 6 to 9 will be limited to 2 of each maximum per session, make sure it is marked in the appropriate section on your scoresheet or fill out the Patch Request form (See Division Rep). Patches will be awarded each time the player meets the criteria for earning a patch as long as the Scoresheet or Patch Request form is completed or sent into the League Office. Patches are earned playing a same skill level player or higher.

Patches are available for the following accomplishments (Per Session):

  • 8-on-the-Break: You make the 8-ball on the break.
  • 8-Break-and-Run: You make at least one ball on the break and then run the rack.
  • 9-on-the-Snap: You make the 9-ball on the break.
  • 9-Break-and-Run: You make at least one ball on the break and then run the rack for ten points.
  • Rackless: Your opponent didn’t break during your match.
  • Clean Sweep Patch: For both 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, if a team wins all 5 matches in one night (forfeited matches do not count), each person who played that night will receive a Sweep Patch.
  • Skunked:  You win 20-0 in 9-Ball.
  • Mini Slam:  8-on-the-Break and 8-Break-and-Run or 9-on-the-Snap and 9-

Break-and-Run on the same League night.  Not available during tournament play.

  • Grand Slam: Earning an 8-Ball Mini Slam and a 9-Ball Mini Slam within the same session.
  • Sportsmanship: You may nominate a player for a good sportsmanship patch. Write the nomination on your scoresheet and the Local League Office will determine if the patch will be awarded.
  • Matches Played 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 & 3000
  • HLT 8 & 9: Break n Run, 8/9 on the snap/ break
  • I beat the League Operator