Ghost Rule:

If a team does not have enough players present to comply with the Team Skill Level Limit rule on a designated League night, the opponent may allow them to use the “Ghost” rule. The “Ghost” rule allows the team that is short of a player to play a player twice in the same night. The following criteria must be followed when using the “ghost” rule:

Only 1 ghost per night will be allowed. Ghosting will NOT be allowed during the last two weeks of regular scheduled play, in Playoffs or during any Higher-Level Tournament play regardless of consent by the opposing team. Teams must notify their opponent of the need to use/or potential need to use a “ghost” prior to the START of the 2nd individual match. If a team fails to do so, a ghost will not be allowed. If a team has a 5th eligible player show up prior to the start of the 5th match, the player is not only entitled to play but must play before a “ghost” is utilized.

The player that plays the 5th match when a “ghost” is used is chosen by the team’s opponent. The player that is chosen to play the “ghost” should be notified by the opponent at the CONCLUSION of the 2nd match (thus, other players can leave if not chosen). The player chosen to play the “ghost” match must still allow the team to comply with the 23-Rule (or “4-19 Rule” if it applies to the team in question).

The “ghost” player selection may be any handicap level, but the choice may not force the 23-Rule to be broken. If the opposing team fails to choose the “ghost” player prior to the conclusion 2nd match, the opposing team will lose their right to choose, the choice will be given to the team playing the “ghost.” This default choice can be decided as late as the beginning of the 5th match. Full team fees are still due if the “ghost” rule is used in a team match.

If a ghost is used in a match other than the last individual played match of the night, the “ghost” match and all subsequent matches will be forfeited by both teams. A player may not be sent home and/or made unavailable so that a team may request a “ghost” from their opponent. Attempts to take advantage of the “ghost” rule should be reported to the Division Representative and to APA OFFICE by means of an official protest form (available on our website under “Printable Docs”).

Both teams may utilize the “ghost” rule on the same night if necessary. In this situation, teams will stay in rotation regarding player selection and having enough players present to stay within the Team Skill Level Limit rule is not allowed to use the “ghost” rule. They must play a player that has not yet played in the match and if they cannot field a team with the 5 or more players present and abide by the Team Skill Level Limit rule, the result will be forfeit(s) at the point the Team Skill Level Limit rule is broken.

A team cannot utilize the ghost rule to circumvent the Team Skill Level Limit rule. In other words, if a roster shows 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3 for example, then a team cannot play 6, 6, 5, 3 and use the SL 3 in a ghost. There must be another SL 3 on the roster to do this. In this case, the team would exceed the Team Skill Level Limit.

Please keep in mind this is a rule to help occasionally and should only be used when necessary. To use a player for ghost, the player MUST be a paid member of the APA and be printed by the League Office on the scoresheet.


Rescheduling Matches:

On occasion, a match may need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather, conflicts with other pre-qualified APA League obligations, or other reasons. You are required to reschedule a match at the opponent’s request if your match conflicts with your opponent’s other pre-qualified APA League obligations. If you plan to reschedule a match due to inclement weather or other reasons, you must notify the Local League Office

Contact the Team Captain of the team you are scheduled to play in the match and notify them of your intent to reschedule. Note: A Play a head is allowed!

Work with your opponent’s Team Captain to select a date and time to play the rescheduled match.  Rescheduled matches must be played within two weeks of the original scheduled match date. Teams must pay for the rescheduled match on the original scheduled match date, or the non-paying team will not be awarded bonus points.
A team may begin to play with one player present. Once the first match is over, the team posting up next has two (2) minutes to name a player, once post is made the opposing team has two (2) minutes to name a player.

If the team does not have a player available, that entire match will be forfeited. If the opposing team forfeits the entire team matches, both teams must still submit a scoresheet and team weekly fees.

If any team forfeits 5 or more TEAM matches during regular session play, they will not be eligible for the wildcard draw. If a team finds it necessary to forfeit an individual match, the forfeit(s) must be the last match.