$40 per returned item beginning Summer session 2016. If you have a check returned for any reason, we may not accept checks from you in the future. We accept credit and debit cards to clear up past due amounts, including NSF fees, over the phone. There is a 4% convenience fee to us a card to pay league fees.
League Operators / Owners of non-APA leagues are not eligible to compete in APA Atlanta division play, playoffs, or any special events or promotion. APA League Operator can review and grant exceptions to this policy under rare circumstances.
APA Atlanta Division Reps should represent APA only. While we encourage players to play as much as possible, out Reps should exclusively promote APA leagues to both members and non-members. 
Regarding membership dues. Memberships are due the first night the player plays. There is no ‘grace period’. Memberships can be paid with your weekly sheets, by credit card over the phone, sending memberships to our office directly, or online after claiming your account at poolplayers.com.

 IMPORTANT TIP  If your player does not have their money that night and they have to play consider paying the players membership for them and collect the funds from your teammate at a later time. This will prevent a possible loss of points and matches played...


Male players will compete in wildcard and division championship play at a minimum skill level three in 8 ball and a skill level 2 in 9 ball. This reflects the same procedure APA follows at the WPC in Las Vegas.