Division Rep Guidelines


  • Division Reps must play on a team in their division and run at least one singles qualifier for your division each session.


  • Attend Division Representative meetings during the league year. These are usually at or near the start of a new session.


  • Conduct a Team Captain meeting the first night of new session league play.  This meeting will be used to inform Team Captains of any rule changes or other pertinent information (information that needs to be shared with team captains will be presented at the Division Representative meeting and/or in your division representative packet). Educate and help new teams get established and comfortable by visiting all teams in your division. Be personable, and ask for questions they might have, or if they need help with anything. Make sure defensive shots are being marked and the score is being kept properly. Watch to make sure ALL members of the team know how to take score.


  • Know the Rules:  The division representative is the “go to” person in the bar.  Division Representatives should be knowledgeable of APA rules and By-Laws. If you do not have a current Official Team Manual (OTM), we will provide one to you.


  • Assist the bar/teams/APA in recruiting new players.


  • Help out at Special Events and tournaments.


  • Encourage player involvement and participation for upcoming events. Make sure all the Captains tell their players of upcoming events, and are sharing newsletters and announcement flyers with them.


  • If asked by League office, help determine playoffs at the end of the session by calculating final standings (APA must be called for tie-breaks and MVP information) and conducting the Wildcard Draw. If an error is made, the office will endeavor to correct it as soon as possible.


  • Be present at Host Locations during Session Playoffs to ensure playoffs run smoothly.


  • Have pertinent forms available if teams need them (i.e. – Handicap Review Forms, Official Protest Forms, Membership Applications, etc.).


  • Inform APA if any team/player is demonstrating bad sportsmanship or thought to possibly be sandbagging.


  • Keep APA up-to-date on any problems/issues that arise in the division. Remember that as a Division Representative for APA Atlanta, you are representing APA.  All APA rules still apply to you, and in a sense, you will be held to a higher standard due to your title.



  • Division Reps will have their annual dues paid by the league, will play for free in our singles all-star cup events, and after one session of service, will play free in their division (does not include table time). In exchange, we expect the guidelines above to be followed, as well as maintaining 100% team retention in your division.


·        Additional incentives to promote player/team growth in the league will be announced at a later time.


v  Benefits and responsibilities may change from session to session.  All Division Representatives will be informed of these changes. 

v  APA has the right to remove a Division Representative from their position at any time.  Loss of position will include loss of the benefits that go along with the position.

v  Many Division Representatives currently represent more than one division.  More Division Representatives may be assigned in upcoming sessions, thus, current Division Representatives may be required to give up responsibility for certain divisions.

v  Division Representatives may be voted out by players/teams in the division if cause is noted as worthy by APA.


Want to become an APA-Atlanta Division Rep…

but there are no current openings?

Here’s How!


ü  Build an 6-team division playing any night of the week in one of the following formats 8-ball, 9-ball, Double Jeopardy, or Masters.

ü  The division that you build must be new teams to the league or existing teams that decide to play another night. You will not get credit for existing teams that move to your new division.

ü  As a Division rep, your annual dues will be paid for by the League.

Any supplies needed by you to build the division can be requested from the league office i.e. New Team Rosters, Posters, and Membership Applications.

(770) 667-1105