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In Atlanta since 1981, we have continued to grow thanks to our wonderful players and host locations.  Give us a call to join the best and fairest pool league in the country!
Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman
is in Atlanta for four shows in five nights! 
Dr. Cue puts on the show known throughout the country as THE billiard show to not miss! Our first show is at Chicago's Billiards on Wednesday Nov 20, followed by Mr. Cue's II on Nov 21, The Independent on Nov 22, and winds up at Big Shots on Nov 24.
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All shows are brought to you courtesy of APA Atlanta - your local APA Pool League - and are free to attend

8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open, Masters
Contact our office to discuss your options and to find out when YOU can begin play!.. Put in your team now!. New members can sign up now - your membership fee (only $25) gets you paid up for the entire year! Please call us to discuss your options. Plan now to put in YOUR team for our upcoming session... you could win a trip to Las Vegas and other awards!
When you ask how to qualify for the National tournaments in Vegas, we've got you covered! We send 8 ball and 9 ball teams to Las Vegas, as well as 8 and 9 ball doubles teams, 3 man Masters teams and we continue to have a thriving National Singles program here in Atlanta vying to qualify for the Regional level of the APA National Singles Championships.YOU could be our next big winner!


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April 2014
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
04/30/14 - 05/02/14 APA 8-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA 9-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/04/14 APA National Singles Championships
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA National Singles Championships - MiniMania
05/03/14 - 05/04/14 APA Wheelchair Challenge
05/04/14 Wildcard Playoffs Spring Session Sunday Only
05/11/14 Mother's Day-No league play
05/12/14 - 05/15/14 Wildcard Playoff Week Spring Session
05/17/14 Division Cup-Spring Session
05/18/14 - 05/22/14 Summer Session Begins